News, 2008

Kernel Spoofer v3.0:

  • Bypasses PunkBuster Global Hardware Bans in all PB games
  • Easy to use - run the program and you're protected!
  • Programmed to survive future PB updates
  • Spoofs with random hardware information
  • Included documentation and free customer support

What you need:

  • Windows XP 32-bit SP3 or Windows Vista 32-bit SP2
  • PayPal account
  • $32 USD

For quite some time now, PunkBuster has not been giving out new hardware bans (but if you're hardware banned from a couple years ago, you will still be). Whether or not this is because of the Kernel Spoofer's success or the theoretical problems of the hardware ban concept, I cannot say. In any case, the spoofer is currently not for sale. Stopping sales is a security decision based on existing customers' interests.

Existing customers may update to the latest version (v3.0.199) by sending an e-mail to TheKernelSpoofer(at) Be sure to include your customer ID and state your request. This free update includes Microsoft Vista SP2 support (Vista SP1 is no longer supported).

More details can be found in the customer section of the forum.

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