Since early 2006, the Kernel Spoofer has been the reliable alternative to buying a new computer when faced with a Global PunkBuster Hardware Ban. The first version of the spoofer was originally programmed by both BlackDove and Cefur (both nC members). Midway through 2006 (during SR development / sales), BlackDove took over all programming and customer support.

v1.0 - "TheKernel"

With its simple interface, this version got the job done when hardware bans were considered the ultimate line of defense against cheaters.

v2.0 - "EC Edition" (Extra Crispy)

This version offered a prettier GUI, and the option of manual spoofing. Manual spoofing was later removed for simplicity reasons. The SR version looks identical to this version, but came out later. SR was the first version entirely programmed by BlackDove. Most people have either the SR version or v3.0. Upgrading from v1.0 to v2.0 is free, providing you still have your old customer ID.

v3.0 - simply called, "v3.0"

The latest, snappiest version which offers Windows Vista 32-bit compatibility, enhanced security, and customer ID improvements. Upgrading from v2.0 to this version is $10 USD providing you have your SR customer ID.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to customer IDs work and what is the update policy?

The spoofer uses hardware-locking in order to prevent leaking and detection. Customers IDs serve to identify your computer. Customer IDs change when upgrading major hardware, and in some cases, device drivers. All customers are allowed four ID changes, providing their hardware can be identified in the Kernel Spoofer Customer ID database. If a customer's hardware has changed too much, then the computer qualifies as a different computer, and the customer will need to rebuy the spoofer at its current full price.

To get an ID change update, see the ReadMe file for instructions.

Do you accept any other form of payment or trade other than PayPal?

PayPal is the only accept form of payment.

How do I pay with PayPal?

Follow the ordering instructions on this website. After logging into your PayPal account, click the Send Money button and continue to follow PayPal's instructions.

I sent payment / an e-mail yesterday and did not get a response. What's the problem?

Spoofer files cannot be sent to some e-mail addresses because they are falsely detected as viruses. Set up an e-mail account with a service such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.

Also, DO NOT PAY WITH AN ECHECK! Make sure your PayPal account has the appropriate funds before purchasing. eChecks take 3-7 days to clear and spoofer files will not be sent until the payment has cleared.

I double click on the spoofer and nothing happens! What's the problem?

Your customer ID has most likely changed due to an system upgrade. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe file for ID change updates.

Can I run the spoofer on my other computer?

You cannot unless you buy a copy of the spoofer for that computer. The spoofer is locked to the computer that first ran the customer ID generator. See update policy in the ReadMe file for instructions.

How does the spoofer work?

The spoofer only spoofs PB hardware requests to ensure compatibility with other programs.

Do you offer a trial version of the spoofer?

No, because trial versions are easily cracked / extended.

Where did the name "Kernel Spoofer" come from?

It's a play-on-words referencing KFC's Colonel Sanders and low-level Windows programming / infrastructure. It's an odd contrast and produces appeal.

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